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Aion version 5.8

Free to play MMORPG

PvPvE-Server | EXP x25

No Premium | No Luna Shop


Unlimited Flying

Fly anywhere in the world!

Increased flying speed and

you can fly from Level 1.

Lineage 2

Skins in NPC Shops

All costumes and outfits

unlocked and available

in main cities.

private server aion private servers

Welcome to Aion:World of Atreia

Retail-like english PvPvE private server
Accounts are automatically created ingame on first login, there is no registration webpage!
World of Atreia is a new, early-access/beta stage Aion private server version 5.8 setup for a community of friends to play together, and share a unique and specially tailored multiplayer game experience.

We operate on our Discord server, and schedule to play together, focusing on an immersive and fun multiplayer gaming experience in the beautiful world of Atreia.

The game uses a modified NcSoft Aion Game Client version 5.8, and the server backend runs on a closed source Java-based emulator.

Aion-WOA is a new server, join us today!

This game world is inhabited by a community of friends who know eachother either in real life or over the internet. This server is currently designed to accomodate groups of friends who play this together.

We currently do not advertise this Aion private server. However, if you are interested in making friends, and joining us in a very socially driven community who schedule playtimes with eachother and hang out in the Disord voice chat, then you are most welcome to click on the Discord link and say hi.

Gameserver configurations
- Start with 1,000,000 kinah
- Combat Exp Rate: 25x
- Quest Exp: 5x
- Quest Kinah: 4x
- Gathering level Exp: 3x
- Gathering Rate: 2x
- Monster item drop rate: 2x